Top 15 Things To Do in Cancun

Cancun is one of the great tourist centers of the Caribbean and the main destination in Mexico. It is a new and artificial city, built only 50 years ago on top of an old fishing village. There really isn’t much to do in Cancun city beyond discovering its huge hotels and crazy nightclubs. It seemed like a kind of Mexican Las Vegas to us! We tell you 15 things to see and do in Cancun and surroundings so you don’t miss anything interesting

Spend the day at Xcaret Park

Xcaret Park
Xcaret Park River
Xcaret Park View
Xcaret Park Mexico
Xcaret Park Water
Xcaret Show
Xcaret River
Xcaret Butterfly Park


The parks of Cancun and the Riviera Maya are a very important tourist attraction for this area of the Mexican Caribbean. Perhaps the favorite park of many for being the first of the franchise to open its doors to the public is Xcaret, a very special place that holds different surprises for the thousands of national and foreign tourists who visit it every year.

For many years this park has been considered the best theme park in Mexico and one of the best in the world. Xcaret is the largest park in Cancun, the property is huge and so are the number of activities you can do here.

At Xcaret you can find a theme and natural park with more than 50 different and varied activities for all tastes and ages. The park is divided into different areas, from zones for aquatic activities to historical and archaeological zones.

As such, the activities at Xcaret are divided into:

• Water activities
• Cultural activities
• Activities for nature lovers
• Shows
• Optional activities

Xcaret is a place with magic if you decide to see it.

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Take a day trip to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres View
Isla Mujeres Letters
Isla Mujeres Sunset


Isla Mujeres is a beautiful island located in front of Cancun, only 20 km away. Spending the whole day here and enjoying its beautiful beaches is a great plan. To go on your own, you can take a ferry that will take you in 20 minutes. So far, the only company that makes this route is Ultramar, with departures from four ports along the Cancun coast and in the hotel zone: Playa Caracol, Playa Tortugas, El Embarcadero and Puerto Juárez.

In Isla Mujeres you can visit the beautiful North Beach (which is considered one of the best beaches), you can go to the other side of the island to Punta Sur.

The second option you have to get from Cancun to Isla Mujeres (and vice versa) is through an organized tour that takes you and returns you. In other words, it is a very good option if you only want to go for the day and return to Cancun. The advantage of these tours is that you do not worry about anything, they pick you up at your accommodation and return you. In addition, it includes buffet lunch service, open bar of drinks on board the catamaran, snorkeling in a reef and drinks in a beach club, as well as time to walk around the island.

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Plaza de Toros

Plaza de Toros
Plaza de Toros Facade
Plaza de Toros Cancun


The Cancun Bullring was inaugurated on December 20, 1989, since then it has become one of the most remarkable places in the city. It is located between Avenida Bonampak and Av. Sayil, in the center of the city. It is important to note that the Plaza de Toros is an extremely important point of reference for Cancun residents, since it is located in a strategic place in the city. The avenues where the Plaza de Toros is located are two of the three that connect downtown Cancun with the Hotel Zone.

The Plaza de Toros, an ideal place for concerts.

Due to the development that Cancun has had, with more restaurants and bars, it has become increasingly important for the inhabitants of the city to have quality events, which puts the Plaza de Toros in an exclusive place. Every year bigger and better events have been developed, having an average occupancy rate for concerts with an attendance of 100%.

This allows the businesses of the Plaza de Toros to have a large flow of clients every time an event is presented. In addition, the property is used as a strategic advertising point, with billboards. The diversity of people who live in the city, as well as the number of tourists who visit Cancun, demand high-level events at the Plaza de Toros.

For the people of Cancun, this place is emblematic and is even considered a symbol of the economic and social growth of Cancun, as well as one of the most important places of entertainment and fun.

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Marvel at the Ruins of Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza View
Chichen Itza Mexico
Chichen Itza Pyramide


Going from Cancun to Chichen Itza is one of the most popular excursions in the Riviera Maya. Inside the archaeological site you can see one of the seven wonders of the modern world: the pyramid of Kukulcán. It is a pre-Hispanic temple, built in the 12th century and dedicated to the Mayan god Kukulcán.

It is also known as El Castillo, that was the nickname given to it by the Spanish conquerors. But there are also ruins of other Mayan temples and constructions. Cancun is only 200 kilometers away. It is without a doubt one of the best and most special places in the Riviera Maya.

If you are traveling to this area of Mexico for the first time, you probably want to take the opportunity to visit the wonder of the world in Yucatan, the archaeological site of Chichen Itza. It is located about 2 hours and a half from Cancun, so you can go on your own by car, if so, it is better leaving very early to avoid the waves of tourists.

Also for more ease, you can take a tour that takes you and returns you, as well as visiting a nearby cenote.

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Xplor Zipline
Xplor Mexico


Xplor is a theme park located in Playa del Carmen, it is part of the Xcaret Experiences group. If you are 100% an adventure lover, this park is perfect for you.

Take into account that if you stay in Cancun, it will take approximately an hour to get to the park, it is best to stay in Playa del Carmen, it will only last 15 minutes, it is the best option.

The attractions that you will find are very varied and for all tastes, for example: zip lines, amphibious vehicles, hammocks that end in water, swimming and floating aboard rafts in underground rivers that the earth created over millions of years. . There are 6 activities in total that you will enjoy.

Xplor has a peculiarity and it is that the park works in the morning and also at night, it becomes “Xplor Fuego” the same activities, but with a more adventurous air. The schedule to visit the park in the morning is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and at night from 6:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

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Go shopping at Mercado 28

Mercado 28
Mercado 28 Sculls
Mercado 28 Souvenirs
Mercado 28 Shop


In Mercado 28 in Cancun there is everything that a typical community in Mexico can offer, but what distinguishes it from any other is that you will also find other types of products, complementary to your vacations.

This means that it is possible from buying fresh fruits and vegetables, to souvenirs, clothing and accessories, specifically in Plaza Bonita, located inside the market.

There you can choose a wide variety of items, such as:

• Crafts from various states of Mexico
• Beautiful embroidered dresses and blouses
• Guayaberas
• Bottles of tequila and mezcal
• Handmade earrings, bracelets and necklaces
• Clothes and accessories for the beach
• Regional candies
• Typical toys

In addition, here you will have the best spots for photos, in its colorful, very Mexican corners.
Another of the attractions of Mercado 28 in Cancun is its gastronomic offer, since it is possible to taste delicious seafood dishes, as well as Yucatecan and Mexican food.

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Check Activities in Cancun City:

Temazcal Ceremony

Temazcal Ceremony
Temazcal Ceremony Cancun


The term “temazcal” comes from the Nahuatl temaz: steam and calli: house, that is, steam house. It was a favorite of the ancient Mesoamerican peoples, for its purification and therapeutic rituals. Vestiges of its existence have been found in Mayan archaeological zones such as Chichén Itzá, Palenque and Los Cimientos-Chustum. At present this tradition has been followed, since it provides important benefits for mental and physical well-being.

What benefits does the Mayan temazcal provide?

  • The temazcal provides both physical, mental and spiritual benefits, since for the Mayans, everything was interconnected. That is why those who practice yoga take it as a complement to their sessions.
  • Detoxifies the body. Among the physical benefits that the Mayan temazcal provides, is the detoxification of the body. Thanks to the effect of steam on the skin, it opens the pores and allows it to be cleaned of toxins and dead cells. This also applies to internal organs.
  • Relax the muscles, thanks to the high temperatures inside the Mayan temazcal, combined with the aromatic and medicinal plants. This especially benefits muscle injuries or arthritis pain.
  • Strengthens the immune system by helping the production of white blood cells. People who suffer from chronic diseases, have reduced their duration, or the symptoms are much less after enjoying the Mayan temazcal.
  • Improves the circulatory system. The contrast between the high temperatures of the Mayan temazcal, with the cold water at the end of the activity, help to reactivate the blood circulation. This is reflected in an improvement in high or low blood pressure and varicose veins.
  • Provides security and relaxation. The Mayan temazcal represents the mother’s womb and reconnection with the earth, making it perfect for reducing stress and anxiety, as well as improving insomnia.

If you have any doubts about living or not living the experience of the Mayan temazcal, remember that you should check with your doctor. Enjoy the benefits of this wonderful Mayan ritual!

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Xenses Park

Xenses Mexico
Xenses View


Meet the theme park of the Xcaret Group in the Riviera Maya where your senses are the protagonists.

In Xenses, one of the best Grupo Xcaret theme parks in the Riviera Maya, there is a lot to do, since you will live more than 20 unusual experiences. Here you will find two routes with various activities and more than 50 scenarios that will challenge all your senses.

One of the main attractions of the Xenses park is the Town, where perception is really put to the test. Perhaps your eyes will tell you to go up, but your balance will tell you to go down, and your sense of logic will make you wonder how all this is possible.

Another of the attractions of the Xenses park, loved by some and feared by others, is the Xensatorium. It is a true challenge to your senses, since in total darkness you will go through a kind of tunnel where you will perceive all the ecosystems.

Undoubtedly, other favorite attractions in Xenses are the slide, and the rivers of mud and salt, perfect for feeling the texture of the wet earth and the refreshing water.

Come prepared to pose! One of the biggest attractions of this park are the more than 50 fantastic settings, where you will get some truly unique shots. We suggest you purchase the photo package, as there are angles that only the cameras in the park can capture.

The entrance to the Xenses park of Grupo Xcaret includes access to all the activities, and the use of a locker for two people. Photos, snacks and drinks have an additional cost.

Xenses Park is located next to Xcaret Park at kilometer 282 of the Chetumal – Puerto Juárez highway. You can get there from Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum by ADO bus, which offers round trip departures. If you go by car, the park has free parking.

Recommendations for visiting the Xenses park of Grupo Xcaret:

  • We recommend you bring a change of clothes, a towel and a bathing suit.
  • Wear water shoes are the most practical to walk and enjoy all the activities.
  • The minimum entry age is 5 years.
  • Check the heights and requirements to perform certain activities.
  • Take cash or a credit card to buy snacks and drinks, the photo package or some of their original souvenirs.

This is a small park that can be done in half a day, it is ideal if you don’t want to be out of the hotel for so long.

Xenses park hours are Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Enjoy incredible experiences in the most original theme park of Grupo Xcaret in the Riviera Maya!

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El Meco Ruins

El Meco Ruins
El Meco Ruins Cancun
El Meco Ruins Mexico
El Meco Ruins Iguana


The El Meco Cancun archaeological zone is one of the most important in the destination, where you can learn about the legacy of the Mayan culture.

It is one of the archaeological zones of Cancun, and it is the only one located on the mainland of the municipality of Isla Mujeres, just five kilometers north of Cancun.

Learn about its history, what you can see, where it is located and when it opens, since it is an essential visit during your vacation in this tourist destination in Mexico.

History of El Meco in Cancun

Although little known today, this archaeological site had great relevance for the Mayan world in the area of present-day Cancun.

It is estimated that its foundation occurred during the early classic period (250 to 600 BC), as well as the archaeological sites of Tulum and Xel-Há, of unknown vestiges.

It served as a commercial port and navigation control center for the bay. The original name in Maya is unknown, although it is suspected that it could be “Belma”.

The current designation refers to the nickname of one of the people who in recent times took care of the coconut plantation next to the archaeological zone.

What to see in the El Meco archaeological zone?

  • In these vestiges of the Mayan culture of Cancun, you can see 14 structures for residential and administrative use built in the eastern coast style.
  • The most notable building is El Castillo, which is located in the central square, in front of a shrine; It is thought that it served as the main temple of the settlement.
  • The construction has a pyramidal appearance formed by five levels or platforms; the total height is 17 meters.

Although the tour is done in a short time, it is preferable to request the help of one of the tourist guides in the area, to learn all the details of this interesting place.

The exploration and conservation of this archaeological site is in charge of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

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Museo Subacuatico de Arte (MUSA)

Museo Subacuatico de Arte (MUSA) Cancun
Museo Subacuatico de Arte (MUSA) Mexico
Museo Subacuatico de Arte (MUSA) Undewater


Get to know the amazing exhibition of the Cancun Underwater Museum of Art
The MUSA is the Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun, and one of the largest in the world. It is made up of a collection of 515 life-size sculptures in total, made by various artists, and placed on the seabed of the Mexican Caribbean.

These were made of cement with a neutral pH, with the aim of favoring the development of corals and therefore marine life. In this way, it supports the care and conservation of the second largest coral reef in the world: the Mesoamerican Reef.

MUSA has exhibits in three different locations: Punta Nizuc and Manchones, both off the coast of Isla Mujeres, and Punta Sam north of Cancun.

The location of the museum in Punta Sam has nine sculptures. The depth is 3.5 meters ideal for snorkeling, and to admire turtles, fish, manta rays and other species that swim among the works of art.

The Cancun Underwater Art Museum in Punta Nizuc has 33 sculptures and the depth is from two to four meters. This option is an experience for the whole family that will be able to admire marine life while snorkeling.
As for the Manchones exhibition, this is the largest. Called “Silent Evolution”, it is made up of 473 sculptures at a depth of eight to 10 meters. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy the diving experience.

For MUSA tours in Cancun, these are usually from the museum facilities. As for the departures from Isla Mujeres, the starting point will be indicated to you when you purchase the tour. There are also several marinas and tour operators that offer trips to any of the three locations.

Recommendations for visiting the MUSA

• You must know how to swim, in case you don’t know, there is a glass bottom boat ride option.
• Your visit has to be on tour of preference.
• Don’t touch anything.
• Use chemical-free sunscreen to take care of the reef ecosystem.
• You must bring a face mask and antibacterial gel for the public areas prior to the tour.

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Maya Museum & San Miguelito Ruins

Maya Museum & San Miguelito Ruins
Maya Museum & San Miguelito Ruins Cancun
Maya Museum & San Miguelito Ruins Museum
Maya Museum & San Miguelito Ruins Mexico


Get to know one of the richest archaeological collections of the Mayan culture during your vacation in Cancun

Archaeological zone and museum in the same place

The building of the Mayan Museum of Cancun is next to the archaeological zone of San Miguelito, so the entrance fee includes a visit to both places. It has paths and walkways that pass through the vestiges in the middle of the jungle, to which the vegetation that originally existed in this place was integrated.

This allows the tour to be enjoyed in the shade, plus it is a much more complete experience. Here you can admire bases of different sizes that had civil and commercial uses. The main religious building is the tallest, and according to research, it was originally painted red and blue on its façade.

What you can see in the Mayan Museum of Cancun

In addition to the archaeological zone of San Miguelito, the Mayan Museum of Cancun is divided into three huge rooms. In the first you will be able to follow in chronological order the Mayan burials and objects found in the caves and flooded caverns of Quintana Roo, as well as in the most important archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula, among which Chichén Itzá stands out. Ritual and mortuary items are included, as well as architectural elements. The time of the Conquest and the Caste War are also mentioned.

In the second room, a tour of extensive collections from the states of Yucatán, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas is made. These are utensils for domestic, social and cultural use: calendars, stelae and even elements of the pre-Hispanic ball game.
Inside the third room, the exhibitions are temporary, mainly from other museums dedicated to Mayan culture.

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Swim In The Cenotes

Cenotes Cancun
Cenotes Mexico


This activity is a must to do in Cancun, since this beautiful city, having a large number of cenotes, offers a large catalog of tours to visit different cenotes.
It should be on your to-do list in life!

It turns out that the Mayans baptized them with the word “Dz’onot” which means “abyss” or “water cave” and from there they derived their current name: cenotes.

But by the way, what is a cenote?

Cenotes are one of the magical places that Mother Nature offers us, we can say that a cenote is a deep underground body of crystalline water.

In addition, they are fed by water filtration and river currents, which is why their waters are fresh, which are found throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. Did you know that you can also find caves in its depths?

Come and explore the natural jewels of the Mayan Peninsula, within the cenotes that you can visit on this tour are:

• Fuego K´áak.
• Agua Ha.
• Tierra Lu´um.
• Aire lik.
• Ik – kil.
• X-Cajum.
• X-keken.

These are some of the most famous and visited cenotes in the Caribbean Sea. Prices vary depending on the agency and the tour you want to take.

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Party all Night on the Cocobongo

Cocobongo Mexico
Cocobongo Cancun
Cocobongo Party


Coconbongo is the nightclub that, if you have to visit in Cancun, this is the most famous nightclub on the Mayan Riviera.

In Cocobongo, you will be able to witness one of the best musical and artistic shows in the company of an incredible atmosphere with the best DJs and obviously the best drinks.

The entrance to this spectacular club has an approximate cost of 80 and 100 dollars.

This price includes the bar, but believe me it’s worth it, you can find it in the hotel zone of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Punta Cana and Los Cabos.

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Enjoy the Beaches of Cancun

Beaches Cancun


Of course, the number one activity to do in Cancun is to enjoy its beaches. There is no more beautiful coast than this place, due to the colors of its crystalline turquoise sea, which bathes a wide line of white sand, as fine as talc. The incredible thing is that you will find two types of sea: with and without waves.

Due to its location, this tourist destination has an area of open sea, ideal if you love to fight waves, you will even find beaches to surf in Cancun. While the part located in front of Isla Mujeres, the sea is a large pool. They are perfect if you prefer something quieter to do in Cancun, like swimming, snorkeling or just cooling off in the beautiful sea. They are special to go with your children and family.

Visit Downtown Cancun

Downtown Cancun
Downtown Cancun Mexico
Downtown Cancun Market


As in all large cities and as a reference, Downtown Cancun is the meeting point for shops, the intersection point to go from one place to another and meet its people.

Although it is not as striking as those in the tourist area, you will find clothing stores, shoes, souvenirs, restaurants, small hotels, banks, squares and typical food stalls of the region, at very affordable prices where you can buy many more things with little money.

The main avenues of Cancun are Tulum and Yaxchilán, all the buses that go to the different regions of the city or to the Hotel Zone pass through Tulum Avenue, here you will find Plaza de Reforma and the Municipal Palace where the celebrations of the Mexican commemoration, art exhibitions and demonstrations of all kinds.

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Cancun offers an incredible variety of experiences and activities to suit any traveler’s interests. Firstly, the amazing beaches of Cancun are one of the main attraction factors. They offer amazing opportunities to relax on the white sands and swim in the warm, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Secondly, Cancun is known for its stunning reefs and rich marine life, making it an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkelling. A variety of plants and animals, including colorful tropical fish and corals, will leave unforgettable impressions for lovers of the underwater world.

Finally, the historical and cultural heritage of Cancun also attracts many tourists. Ancient Mayan ruins such as Chichen Itza and Tulum offer a unique glimpse into an ancient civilization and fascinating history. Visiting these places allows you to immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of the past and gain a deep understanding of the cultural heritage of this region.

In general, Cancun offers many opportunities for entertainment and recreation. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, active water sports or exploring historical monuments, every tourist will find something to their liking. A visit to Cancun promises to be an unforgettable adventure that will leave a lasting impression in the heart of everyone who visits this beautiful corner of Mexico.

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