How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to Anywhere 2024

Do you like to fly, but would like to do it cheaper? I know how to help you with this. In this article, we’ll look at what I think is the best way to find plane tickets anywhere while saving money. You can fly 2 or 3 times cheaper, than you usually fly, and this is absolutely real!

Budget travel doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort or quality. In fact, there are many techniques from choosing the best time and day for booking tickets to using the hidden features of modern technology – all this can be used to your advantage.

This Arcticle fo you:

  • If you want to fly cheaper next time.
  • Find out which airline is cheaper to fly with.
  • Find out on which days and at what time it will be cheaper to fly.
  • Want to learn other useful tips on how to save money.

No more dreaming about unattainable places or postponing plans for an uncertain future. Prepare your suitcases, because we will tell you how to fly anywhere cheaply and make your most cherished travel dreams come true.

1. Use Kiwi Cheap Ticket Finder

Where to look for cheap plane tickets? On sites that compare prices of different airlines and agencies. These services are called search engines or aggregators. In 10 seconds, they will find you the best price and the most convenient flight.

Kiwi is a digital travel platform that specializes in comparing and providing the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. Kiwi offers “flexible search” which allows users to explore various travel options without specific dates or destinations, and also provides “cheapest destinations” search options, making it a powerful tool for budget travel planning.

Example #1. Search for flights for specific dates

Step 1: Visit the website or open the Kiwi app.
Step 2: Enter the city or airport of departure and destination in the appropriate fields.
Step 3: Select your departure and return dates.
Step 4: Enter the number of passengers.

Use Kiwi Cheap Ticket Finder
Step 5: Click “Search“.
Step 6: A list of flights with different airlines and prices will be displayed. Select the appropriate option and go to book the flight.

Search for flights for specific datesAs you can see, you can choose any flight, cheaper or faster, in the morning or in the evening. The picture does not show all the offers, but there were 1142 results from which you can choose.

Example #2. Search for flights without specific dates

Step 1: Visit the website or open the Kiwi app.
Step 2: Enter the city or airport of departure and destination in the appropriate fields (Instead of a city, you can select a country).
Step 3: In the “Dates” field, select cheapest dates or dates intervals (to selected date interval move arrows near the date).

In the "Dates" field, select cheapest dates or intervals
Step 4: Enter the number of passengers.
Step 5: Click “Search“.
Step 6: Kiwi will show you different flight combinations and how many nights you’ll stay in the city you’re going to. Scroll down and choose some cheap combination that will be ok for you.

Choose the flights

Example #3. Search for flights to the cheapest destinations

If you don’t care where to go, or just want to see where it’s cheaper to fly, then try this guide.

Step 1: Visit the website or open the Kiwi app.
Step 2: Enter the city or airport of departure and destination – any Country or “Anywhere” in the appropriate fields.

Fly Anywhere
Step 3: In the “Dates” field, select any dates or dates intervals (to selected date interval move arrows near the date).

Select Fly Dates
Step 4: Enter the number of passengers.
Step 5: Click “Explore“.
Step 6: You will see diffirent cities, where you can fly. Sort it by price to see, where is cheaper. Then just simple choose one city.

Choose the City where Fly to
Step 7: Kiwi will show you different flight combinations and how many nights you’ll stay in the city you’re going to. Scroll down and choose some cheap combination that will be ok for you.

Select combination of flights

Tips for using Kiwi

  • Look for tickets for flights, which will be after 2-3 weeks, they are cheaper.
  • Try looking for round-trip tickets at once, round-trip tickets separately and see what is cheaper. Even if you only fly one way, check round trip tickets, they may be cheaper. There is simply no need to check-in in back flight.
  • Flights with transfers are sometimes cheaper than a direct flight from the place of transfer to the final destination.
  • You can stay at the transfer city for a couple of days at the Hotel and it will turn out much cheaper.
  • It is better to choose the city of transfer from the place where the low-cost airlines fly from.

2. Fly Where it’s Cheaper

The truth of life: for the direction you need and specific dates, prices are almost always high. But the system can be deceived – give up specific plans and fly to rest where it is cheaper. If you like this approach, then you will save a lot on tickets.

How can I find out where there are cheap tickets and direct flights now? It’s easy: open the map of cheap tickets, enter your departure city and dates (you can choose the whole month or even the whole year). Set the destination to “Anywhere”. The “Non-stop” filter will make your search even easier.

I warn you! Not all prices on this map page will be 100% up to date. The fact is that the data is stored for several days, but tickets can be sold out earlier or prices will simply increase. However, most of the time the information is accurate. Be flexible in your choice of destination and travel time, and you will save a lot.

3. Watch for Price Drops

Ticket prices change every day, and sometimes within the hour. You need to start hunting in advance and catch a ticket when the price drops as much as possible. It is not necessary to check price changes daily or hourly, search engines can do this.

Subscribe to news in social networks of airlines. Convenient and efficient! Stick to the rule: as soon as there is a chance to buy cheap tickets, you need to take it. Don’t hesitate – buy. I have already stepped on this rake several times: I found very cheap tickets, but put off the purchase for a few days or just a couple of hours, and they disappeared.

Remember the periods when plane tickets can be bought the cheapest:

  • one year before the planned trip;
  • 2-3 months before departure (especially for low-cost airlines);
  • a few days before departure – check recent deals (for charters and with large airlines for flights during an unpopular season).

The rule is not an iron one – it is rather a trend. Relying on the latter option is always risky, so it is suitable only for the freest: who is ready to fly anywhere, anytime, or not to fly anywhere at all, if not lucky.

Let’s remember! Start tracking prices 2-3 months in advance, or better, six months or even a year before the trip. Sign up for price drop notifications to buy the cheapest ticket to your destination.

4. Fly in Low Season

Fly in Low Season

The most expensive tickets are in the summer, for the New Year, and other holidays. Prices also often go up during the school holidays. Don’t fly during this time if you want to save money.

You can buy cheap tickets to any country during the period when the demand for flights drops as much as possible. For example, fly to Europe in spring, winter or autumn, and to Thailand in summer. In addition to low prices for flights, you will receive discounts on accommodation, excursions and entertainment – all prices fall during the low season.

And there will be few tourists. Be sure to read up on the weather in your destination country for the month you want to make sure it suits you and everything will be cool. Fly on vacation during the low season or at least at the turn of the seasons.

5. Scroll Through Different Arrival Cities

Tickets to the city you need can cost significantly more than to neighboring cities. Therefore, it is worth looking at the prices for flights and up to them.


  • Tickets to Yerevan or Gyumri are often cheaper than to Georgia, and trains and minibuses run from there.
  • Flying to Bratislava is cheaper than flying to Vienna. There are only 80 km between the cities, and a bus ticket costs a few euros.
  • Low-cost airlines fly to Bergamo airport. You can almost always buy tickets to Bergamo cheaper than to Milan or Venice.
  • And so on …

6. Low-cost Airlines: Good or Bad?

Low-cost airlines are budget airlines, their tickets can cost as little as 10€. To reduce the cost of their flights, low-cost airlines refuse additional services: food on board, luggage, free check-in at the airport, etc. All this can be bought additionally, but the flight will no longer be so cheap.

Here are some of the biggest low cost airlines:

Ryanair (Ireland) is one of the biggest low cost airlines in Europe, known for its low fares and frequent promotions. Carries passengers mainly in Europe, but also to other regions.

Southwest Airlines (USA) is the largest low-cost airline in the world by passenger numbers. It serves most major cities in the US and also offers international flights.

easyJet (UK) is one of Europe’s largest low-cost airlines, with flights across the continent and some intercontinental flights.

AirAsia (Malaysia) is Asia’s largest low-cost airline with flights throughout the region and some international flights.

JetBlue (USA) – This airline offers flights to the US, the Caribbean and Latin America. Despite its status as a low-cost airline, it is known for its high quality of service.

Wizz Air (Hungary) is an airline with a concentration on the Central and Eastern European market, but also offers flights to Western Europe and the Middle East.

Spirit Airlines (USA) is a low-cost airline offering domestic flights within the United States and international flights to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norway) is one of the largest low cost airlines in the world, offering flights within Europe and some intercontinental flights.

IndiGo (India) is the largest low-cost airline in India, offering both domestic and international flights.

Pegasus Airlines (Turkey) – This low-cost airline offers flights within Turkey, as well as to Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

All the scary stories that low-cost airlines deceive people, scoff and almost force them to fly standing up are complete nonsense. Just read the rules of the carrier, and you will not get into an unpleasant situation.

How to fly low-cost airlines correctly:

  1. Carefully read the rules of the airline!
  2. Take a minimum of things and do not pay for luggage.
  3. Check your hand luggage for compliance with the allowable dimensions – see them on the airline’s website.
  4.  If you cannot do without luggage, add it to the order when buying tickets – then it will cost more. When traveling with a group, take one piece of luggage for everyone.
  5. Buy tickets 2-4 months before departure – at this time usually the lowest prices.
  6. Find out the check-in rules for the flight. If it is paid at the airport, register yourself on the carrier’s website and print out your boarding pass.
  7. When buying tickets from low-cost airlines, a commission of 1-5% for payment by card is almost always added to the final price. There is nothing you can do about it, just accept it as a fact.

Feel free to buy cheap flights from low-cost airlines, read their rules and enjoy impressive savings.

7. Fly with a Group

Some airlines are ready to give passengers discounts if they fly with a company and book tickets for several people at once. I know such examples:

  1. Low-cost airline EasyJet usually gives a discount of 7-10 euros per passenger when booking tickets for two or more people.
  2. Wizz Air has a loyalty program – Wizz Discount Club. Membership costs €30 for two, €60 for up to 6 people. It gives the right to purchase any tickets for at least €10 cheaper during the year and other benefits. Membership pays off in 1-2 flights, and then there are savings.

In addition, when you fly with a company on a low-cost airline, you can save a lot on luggage – check in one bag for 2-3 people.


Cheap Flight Airlines

When planning your travels on a budget, there are several strategies to help you find cheap flights and save money.

  1. Using comparative search engines and ticket aggregators allows you to get an overview of prices from different airlines and choose the best offer. The main aggregator for finding tickets is the kiwi.
  2. Flexibility in planning the date and time of departure can significantly reduce the cost of tickets. Consider traveling at off-peak dates and times to get the best deals.
  3. Consider traveling with low cost airlines. They may offer significantly lower rates, but please note that additional charges may apply for additional services.
  4. Buying tickets in advance or at the last minute can lead to great deals. Keep track of promotions and sales, as well as subscribe to airline mailing lists to keep abreast of the latest special offers.
  5. The ability to combine tickets from different airlines or use transfers can also lead to lower travel costs. Use search engines that offer the best routes based on airline combinations.
  6. Be prepared for the fact that the cheapest tickets may have some restrictions, such as the inability to return or change the date of departure. Read the conditions carefully when buying tickets to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  7. Don’t forget about additional costs such as luggage or insurance. Consider these factors when comparing the prices of different offers to get a better picture of travel costs.

All in all, with careful planning, flexibility and the use of available resources, you will be able to find great airfare deals and travel cheaply anywhere.

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