How to Save Money on a Trip to the Maldives

Not everyone has the opportunity to spend thousands and tens of thousands of dollars on vacation, but many people dream of visiting paradise islands. Such a trip will definitely not be cheap, but I’ll tell you a few life hacks on how you can significantly reduce your bill.

Choose an Island near the Capital

Maldives budget resorts

Sometimes a transfer to the desired resort can cost as much as an entire all-inclusive trip to three-star Egypt. When choosing an island close to the capital, the cost of the transfer is significantly reduced, and sometimes even included in the cost of living.

But when looking for a hotel, balance is still important – you shouldn’t choose too close to Male (this is the capital of the Maldives), otherwise, instead of azure landscapes with palm trees, you will see the capital’s high-rise buildings, which can significantly spoil the impressions

Choose not water villas, but beach villas, or a residential complex, or combine

Male Maldives cheap hotels

The difference between the cost of water villas and beach villas can reach impressive amounts, and the difference between them is solely in location – inside the villas themselves everything is almost the same.

Some hotels offer residential complexes rather than individual villas. Those. This is not a separate house, but a two-three-story building with several rooms. Accommodation in a room is even cheaper than in a villa.

Apart from the place of residence, everything else is the same for all guests – the same all-inclusive, the same beach for everyone, a shared pool, etc.

You can also combine – for example, you relax in one hotel for 7 nights. You can spend 3 of them in the water villa, and 4 in the beach villa. You can combine as you please.

Anyway, if you want to go to Water Villa and want to save on it, check this article – How to save on water villas. There are selected the cheapest hotels with villas on the water that are in the Maldives.

Travel during low Season

Maldives cheapest time to go

The Maldives has high and low seasons. The high season is from December to April, when the weather is ideal but prices for accommodation and flights are at their highest. The low season begins in May and lasts until October.

At this time it is the monsoon period, but the rains are usually short and not as frequent as one might expect. Traveling during the off-season may offer lower prices and fewer tourists.

Booking at the edge of the seasons: If you want to combine pleasant weather and lower prices, try booking your trip at the beginning or end of the high season, such as November or April.

Book Online Airtickets and Hotel in Advance

Book Online Airtickets and Hotel in Advance to save on Maldives trip

It will be cheaper if you buy plane tickets and book a hotel directly, without a travel agency or intermediaries. This way you will save on travel agency fees.

Airfare: Airfare prices can vary greatly depending on when you book. It’s usually best to book your tickets 2-3 months in advance of your trip, when prices are usually at their optimal level. Use ticket aggregators and search engines to compare prices and find the best deals.

Accommodation: Just like with airfare, booking your accommodation in advance can ensure better prices and more options. Some hotels and resorts offer early booking discounts. It’s also worth exploring different booking platforms as prices may vary.

Date Flexibility: If you have flexibility in your travel dates, use the flexible date search feature on booking sites. Sometimes moving your departure or return date by a few days can significantly reduce the overall cost of your trip.


You can have a cheap holiday in the Maldives and you should do it. Eternal summer, blue ocean and luxurious service will be available at any resort.

Fly in the low season, buy plane tickets and hotel booking in advance without intermediaries, vacation near the capital to save on transfers and, finally, choose a cheap hotel and villa and then you will save.

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